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In the first year of medical school (2012), a professor told us about fecal transplants. The entire class laughed, simultaneously dismissing the idea and making inappropriate jokes. Fast forward a few years, fecal transplants are being performed more, and patients’ microbiomes are being sequenced. Research has linked the human gut microbiome to diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosis (clinical trial). The interest in the microbiome is exploding. Meanwhile, genomics interest has decreased rapidly since the GWAS bubble, and stayed relatively constant.


Overall investment thesis to bet on: research (R&D) - heavy businesses teams with strong domain expertise going after unique use cases where AI plays a critical role in solving them But really, theres potential for all flavors of startups: Algorithm developers: new algorithms are typically very short-lived. If you serach ArXiv, hundreds of papers describing new techniques are published daily. That being said, there are various examples of successess, including DeepMind and Whetlab.


With the rise of interest in ehtereum [Ether (ETH)] and blockchain in general, numerous people are making price forecasts. Across many investors, the common “drivers” of price include: adoption: this can be thought about in terms of transactions per day, number of dApps, number of unique wallets, etc circulation: depends on the volume in circulation at the future time point regulation: a potential positive driver and/or negative driver - to be determined Examples of how other people think about price forecasting: $6K USD/ETH (2022): https://www.


original medium article Anybody who lived through the dot-com bubble can probably draw parallels between the late 90s craze and the “ICO craze” of today. It’s the wild wild west all over again. There are other ways to “invest” in blockchain technologies or startups, although ICO is popular these days. Note that an ICO’s intended purpose is to release a token into the world, so that users may now be able to use the platform.


original medium article Say we are helping a private equity client that’s considering buying out a plastic bag company (e.g., something like Poly America) operating in the US market. They want a good estimate for what the demand for plastic bags will be in 5 years. We have 2 weeks to do it. The most naive solution is to look in a market research report for actual estimates. However, something this specific usually can’t be found.



Open Science Organization

Open Science Organization - the blockchain solution for fair, transparent, quality science

Biohacker Guide

I was an editor and writer for the Biohacker Guide, hosted on Nootrobox’s website.

Deep Learning for Medicine

Deep learning for medicine: readmission prediction, early disease detection

Predictive Modeling System

Predictive modeling pipeline for healthcare. Applications for readmission prediction.


Wearable head-up display for image-guided surgery.

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