Bottos (BTO): the best AI crypto of 2018

A large problem with artificial intelligence today lies in the lack of reliable data sources. To be successful, many companies have had to rely on having exclusive access to data. This works fine for large companies with clout like Google and Facebook, but puts small and medium size businesses at a huge disadvantage. Bottos is solving this problem with a blockchain solution for data sharing as well as AI model sharing. A token is absolutely needed for this because otherwise people would not be willing to openly give out their data without proper immediate incentive.

BTO is currently only trading on Bibox and The current BTO price is $0.18, trading at a very small $65 million market cap with a lot of room to grow.

Bottos is a sleeping giant for a number of reasons:

  • Best in class AI crypto that’s still unknown to many: BTO did their ICO on Jan 1 and sold out in under 48 hours. It didn’t even get added to CoinMarketCap until this past Sunday, Jan 14. Most of the world doesn’t even know BTO exists because the team hasn’t even started marketing outside Asia (which they soon will). The only major competitors are DeepBrain Chain (DBC) and SingularityNET. DBC is basically just a big neural network (only one algorithm) run on a distributed series of machines. SingularityNET is just a model sharing service. Bottos, however, is specialized in sharing the best data, as well as the best models.

  • AI is a HOT macro trend: Now is the time to capitalize on the AI hype. We saw how quickly DBC shot up from $0.08 to $0.60, in just under 10 days. The exact same thing could happen to BTO, especially when the western world finds out about it.

  • 65M market cap with over 9x short term upside: As of Jan 16, 2018, BTO is trading at $0.18, which is under 2x the ICO price. There are 360 million coins in circulation which puts this at a $65 million market cap. If BTO price just gets up to it’s all time high of $0.47, thats nearly a 3x return from here. If BTO gets up to the market cap DeepBrain Chain (DBC) reached at its height of nearly $600 million, thats a 9x return from today’s price.

  • Multiple strong catalysts coming:

    • Visibility outside of Asia: once visibility increases outside of Asia, people will come piling in to BTO. There are already some early signs, for example Ken the Crypto has already mentioned BTO in his latest video and is currently working on a review.
    • Mainnet in March 2018: the BTO price is likely to rise in anticipation of the Mainnet release in March. Afterwards, the price can explode even more.
    • Multiple exchanges will list on January 17: as mentioned in Telegram, WeChat and other social media channels, multiple exchanges will be listing BTO very soon.
  • World Class Team: The cofounder, Tingting Wang, used to be the Chief Marketing Officer of NEO, the BIGGEST CRYPTO IN ASIA. Tingting Wang has the network and experience to increase Bottos visibility to the masses. The CEO, Xin Song, has over 15 years of experience including in management positions at top companies Accenture and Liberty Mutual. The team includes devs hailing from top places like Huawei, ARM, UC Berkeley, and Bitshares.

  • World Class Partnerships: This company has some of the BEST partnerships any crypto can have:

    • Draper Venture Network: Draper Dragon Digital Fund recently invested in Bottos. The fund is led by Tim Draper, one of the BEST venture capitalists in the world. Tim Draper and his team have an impressive network and will be able to help Bottos build even more partnerships and improve their visibility in the Western world.
    • ARM: As alluded to in Xin Song’s interview with Chico Crypto, a partnership with ARM has been formed. ARM is one of the largest British semiconductor companies in the world. Bottos is also in the ARM accelerator program, which will provide it with the resources it needs to scale.
    • Huawei (potentially): A team member, Chao Wang, was previously was with Huawei. There are rumors that a partnership is coming very soon.
  • Very fast community growth: The CEO, Xin Song, has mentioned that there are over 100K followers across all social media/marketing channels they have touched. The management team is very committed to growing the community, especially outside of Asia. The western world is slowly catching on - the global telegram group recently doubled since Friday and now has over 1800 members. This trend is very likely to continue as more and more people accumulate and talk about BTO.

Bottom Line: BTO is severely undervalued with 10x potential

It’s very rare to catch a high quality crypto like BTO right before everyone finds out about it. BTO has a strong team, strong partnerships, fast-growing community, and will absolutely explode in value once people outside of Asia find out about it. BTO is hands down the BEST AI crypto on the market. This can easily hit 10x from here by March when the mainnet release comes. But likely will hit 10x even before that.