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More Microbiome Secrets

A new revolution is about to start - get in on the ground floor! Well, it’s been a few months since the last posting on the huge unmet clinical need for microbiome analytics. And the market map still looks roughly the same. The genomic revolution has been happening for 15+ years. Nowadays, genomics is prevalent in almost all major areas of biological science. However, we are still in the early days of the microbiome revolution.

A secret on microbiome startups

In the first year of medical school (2012), a professor told us about fecal transplants. The entire class laughed, simultaneously dismissing the idea and making inappropriate jokes. Fast forward a few years, fecal transplants are being performed more, and patients’ microbiomes are being sequenced. Research has linked the human gut microbiome to diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosis (clinical trial). The interest in the microbiome is exploding. Meanwhile, genomics interest has decreased rapidly since the GWAS bubble, and stayed relatively constant.

AI Investment Thesis 2017

Overall investment thesis to bet on: research (R&D) - heavy businesses teams with strong domain expertise going after unique use cases where AI plays a critical role in solving them But really, theres potential for all flavors of startups: Algorithm developers: new algorithms are typically very short-lived. If you serach ArXiv, hundreds of papers describing new techniques are published daily. That being said, there are various examples of successess, including DeepMind and Whetlab.


Wearable head-up display for image-guided surgery.